My Lead Character Needs a Career

Long ago, I typecasted Vree as a main-character-of-interest with an INFP personality. For the most part, INFPs are highly curious, inquisitive, innovative, highly creative, and people who enjoy doing things by themselves … ALONE. Vree has always been an excellent artist, but one who enjoys working in solitude. It’s difficult to craft action stories aroundContinue reading My Lead Character Needs a Career

Redoing “Night of the Hellhounds” (Part 2)

Chapter 2: Rewrites, Rewrites, Rewrites Sometime while I was in high school, I decided to rewrite “Ghost Dogs.” Night of the Hellhounds, 2.0 It’s basically the same story: some teenagers are on Myers Ridge and they meet malevolent ghost dogs that put someone’s life in danger. During the first rewrite, I took myself out asContinue reading Redoing “Night of the Hellhounds” (Part 2)