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My Halloween Contributions

All works copyrighted and previously published by Lola Gentry-Dey. All rights reserved. Hello from Lola. And Happy Halloween. My kids are excited about trick-or-treat tonight: Candy, candy, candy. While I break from making finishing touches on their costumes, I am posting some of my poems and stories for Halloween. I am the new person here

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The Vampire and the Girl

The vampire said, “I would like to bring a smile to your face. I promise I won’t bite.” “Please, oh please,” she said, “bite me, yes! I’m longing to feel your mouth between my legs!” She stood over him and planted her feet wide on either side of his coffin. Her upper legs opened and

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I Love A Leanan Sidhe

I first met a Sidhe when I was 20. Leanne O’Brian was Irish and believed very much she was an actual descendant of a Leanan Sidhe (pronounced lan-awn she). She was beyond gothic-punk and World of Darkness games. She was real and beautiful and captivating. Leanne fascinated me with her Sidhe tales. I knew little

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