Rock Sketches In Acrylic

It was time to be a visual artist again, so I spent a couple days getting my artist’s eye back in shape by working on some sketches. I decided to look at rocks and study their shapes and colors. I’ve chosen 3 better ones to share.

They’re all acrylic paintings on scraps of canvas prepared with gesso and glued to cardboard—something I started doing years ago when I painted field studies of wildlife. They’re cheap and easy to put together and lighter than canvas boards.

I love earth colors. But they can be a bit dark, so I punched them up a bit. One facet of art is the exaggeration an artist puts into their artwork. I had fun with color and tried to be as painterly as possible too.

When I’m a bit rusty with my craft, I tend to draw with my brushes instead of painting with them. Squinting blurs the image and keeps me from seeing edges. Then I load my brushes and lay down paint and color, mixing values on the canvas. That way the objects look like they haven’t been cut and pasted to the canvas.

I exaggerated the colors, which was a lot of fun to do. No masterpieces here. But, oh well. I needed a break from writing and this was the perfect escape.