Night came tapping at my door, But I with book heard not a sound; It entered on its own accord, Trespassing on my private ground. Night crept about my house with ease And darkened everything from sight, ’Til through my study’s door it squeezed And skirted past my candle’s light. I did not peer toContinue reading Night

Car Hysteria (Seduction Revisited)

Earlier today, shopkeepers seduced pot-bellied old men with sleek, fast, brand-new cars that rubbed and kissed their trousers and guaranteed to stop lonesomeness. Erstwhile minds backpedaled on leather seats where stale memories surfaced and breathed new air, striking deals in brown cubicles under the breath of fresh coffee. What she feared most, kicked and scratchedContinue reading Car Hysteria (Seduction Revisited)