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My Halloween Contributions

All works copyrighted and previously published by Lola Gentry-Dey. All rights reserved. Hello from Lola. And Happy Halloween. My kids are excited about trick-or-treat tonight: Candy, candy, candy. While I break from making finishing touches on their costumes, I am posting some of my poems and stories for Halloween. I am the new person here

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Abstract Art

Light and shadow create form, which makes drawn or painted objects look three-dimensional. Too much of either one in your drawings or paintings flattens and distorts the images. Many early drawings I did were flat and distorted. It was frustrating and caused me to quit drawing. Then an art teacher told me to put a

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A Glimpse At Danger

The humid air stung his eyes. He hated how the steaminess assaulted his throat and made it hard to breathe. He rarely walked, but Dr. Ford said his body needed the exercise if he wanted to get better. The backside of the park was a good place to begin. No one needed to see him

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