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Another New Look

March 2, 2018
Steve Campbell

I gave my Art ~ Writing ~ Life blog a new look again. It’s what I do when my blog looks cluttered and I’m at a standstill with whatever writing or art project I have going on at the time.

Life got busier during the past year and I grew weary trying to keep up a blog. Blogging and keeping it fresh and interesting are huge responsibilities. When I don’t invariably post new and exciting content to it, I feel guilty of letting down my followers.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of material sitting in the archives for you new followers of this blog. It’s a feature that goes unnoticed because of WordPress’s push at shoving new material at us. Their Reader page with its constant updates is the first thing we see when we log into our accounts. It’s a shame they don’t have a better feature for our archives other than a search bar. But I’m glad to have the old search tool because I love reading and looking at gems from the past.

But don’t take my word for it. Start digging around and see for yourself.

Blog Changes

January 14, 2015
Steve Campbell

Hello readers and followers of my blog. Some quick news for you:

I spent today changing the look and feel of my blog. Changes to this blog/website include a new Books page called The Library, located in Writing. There you can read about my creations and order them. Topping the list is Night of the Hellhounds, the mini e-novel I wrote 2013. Nook readers will be happy to know that they can find and order the novel at Barnes & Noble. Visit my Books page for more info.

I plan to offer free books at that page, too. Right now, you can read two versions of Kismet there. Files are downloadable PDFs.

With my books residing at The Library, I omitted them from the sidebar, which will help my page load faster. Plus, I have cleaned up the site’s overall look and added a splash of color below my header. And finally, the buttons for Facebook and Google+ are back to their basic looks.

Let me know what you think of the new look. And if you have any suggestions to make this site better, please leave comments.

It’s Like Shopping for Shoes and Dresses

September 8, 2014
Steve Campbell

My wife and I are home together and I’m sitting with her and my laptop while I consider how I want my blog to look. I have been testing themes lately and my wife has started comparing it to shopping for shoes and dresses.

“You’re looking for the perfect fit,” she says, shaking her head. “You’ll never find it. There will always be something lacking in the design.”

True. But I’m looking for something I will like the moment I see it and keep on liking years later.

“Good luck,” she says. “Why do you think I have so many shoes that look like they’ve been worn only once.”

Hmmm … I’ve always wondered about that.

Still, the search continues until I find the one that says “Eureka!”

Hey! I wonder … are any themes called that?

I’m off to look. Meanwhile, enjoy the modeling changes here.

A New Look in 2014

January 19, 2014
Steve Campbell

I have begun a makeover for this site, and I’ve chosen Typo as my theme. This is the only WordPress theme I’ve found that’s closest to my personality: grays colored with a few pastel colors … which means I needed to redo my header and eliminate the cold blue background. I added some warmth to my picture to compliment the grays and to match my headline font color.

Since I haven’t purchased WordPress’ $79/year premium package upgrade yet (on my TO DO list), my links don’t have any color to distinguish them from the surrounding text—an unfortunate handicap of this free theme. That means you have to hover over text that you think may be links. Here is what the link to this site looks like: Steven L Campbell. Hover your pointer over my name to see that it’s a link.

All the same, I like the “typewriterly” look of Typo, and I feel that it may inspire me to blog more often. If so, I may keep this theme around for a long while. We’ll see.


April 6, 2013
Steve Campbell

My last post was March 11, during which I have been busy writing my next e-book. Currently untitled, the book will feature Vree Erickson and the cast from her first book, Night of the Hellhounds. Although her stories are considered YA, or teen literature, I aim my books for a general audience that includes adult readers. I write what I like to read, and that keeps me excited while I write.

While my current book project is nearing publication (I finished the first draft today), it will sit for a month or three before I edit. So hang in there everyone.

In the meantime, I hope to face-lift my WordPress website’s appearance so it represents me well. As both a visual artist and a writer, I could have different “homes” for my passions. But I like the idea of having one website, thus keeping what I do easily accessible.

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