Hi. I am Lola. You will find a lot of my writing, photography and art here.

I am not a professional; I make my living doing other things. And though I rarely sell my work, I am happy writing poetry, shooting photos and making art for no one else but me. It took many years to get the courage to share my poems online. When I did, I used several pen names; my favorite one was Colleen Ackerman. I may self-publish some poetry under that name someday; I have a Smashwords account in case I do.

I was raised in San Diego and now live near the shores of Lake Erie. I spend most of my time with my physician husband, 3 rambunctious children, and too many pets. I have worked in finance, been a veterinarian, and a recreational scuba diver. For relaxation, I love writing poetry, making art, photographing nature, cooking and baking, playing guitar, riding horses, camping, fishing, skiing, and reading fantasy and sci-fi. You can also find me watching fantasy/sci-fi TV shows and movies, a love I got from my dad.

Last but not least, I am a fortunate survivor of The Big C. My one wish is to see the cure for cancer in my lifetime.




14 comments on “Lola”

  1. Wow Lola, what a story. I thought I recognised you and I’m pleased you survived cancer. I hope you keep this blog going a long time. I’ll try and make sure there’s lots of sci fi and fantasy for you to delve into ☺️

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    1. Hi Simon, Thanks. I’m glad to be a survivor, though my heart goes out to the victims, especially the children and parents I’ve met. I’m doing well, but every checkup brings that bit of trepidation that I may not live to see my children graduate high school, etc., etc. Life is precious and fragile; there are no guarantees any of us will live to see tomorrow. All we can do is fight the good fight: live for today, be thankful for what we have, and hope and pray to do it again tomorrow. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your sci-fi and fantasy.


    1. I have had many old sites, so I am uncertain of which one the like came from. All are closed now and I am piggybacking my blog with one of my teachers who taught me how to draw when I was a kid. You can find it nestled at where we’re calling it The Lola Project. I plan to be online more and catch up reading all my favorite blogs. Yours is tops on the list.


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