Beverley Bittner

Corry Writer’s Block Writers Group was founded in Corry, Pennsylvania in 1999 by acclaimed Christian author Beverley Bittner. Her goal was to bring together area writers of all walks of life and offer them workshops and lectures on writing. The group grew in membership, held monthly public meetings, and held annual events for writers until 2012.

Beverley died on Tuesday, March 14, 2006, but the group continued her legacy for six more years, assisting many writers in the Corry area. Although the group is no longer active, they and Beverley live on in this blog.

“We believe all writers start out the same way: rich in dreams. It is our goal to encourage our members to realize their dreams.”

That was Beverley’s motto and she emphasized it daily. And she constantly encouraged those dreams with monthly meetings, newsletters, and a website through Corry’s business web hub. Her newsletters and website had two goals: to help people of all ages learn to share their ideas and experiences through the written word, and to promote reading for pleasure and learning.

I joined the Writer’s Block group in 2002 and the group immediately elected me to maintain the website. I did, taking notes at meetings and snipping content from Beverley’s newsletters, and then adding it to the website on a bimonthly basis. During the ten years that followed, I learned a lot about being a web-page designer, html programmer, and all-around webmaster.

Not long after I joined the group, they elected me president—a position I held for nine years. Along with running the webpage, I led this group of writers on an adventurous journey of writing. We wrote poetry, news articles, historical documentaries, fiction in every imaginable genre—the list goes on! Because that’s what writing is all about: studying all its facets.

Some writers like one facet of writing, and that’s fine. But Beverley instilled in me a fascination to read everything and a desire to study it. The fascination and desire still burns in me!

This blog is a time capsule of the Writer Block’s past—a collection of those newsletters and webpages—snippets of all those years we sat at tables, drinking teas, and discussing writing. But most of all, this blog is dedicated to Beverley Bittner and keeping the dream of writing alive.

Steve Campbell
Corry, PA

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