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All works copyrighted and previously published by Lola Gentry-Dey. All rights reserved.

Hello from Lola. And Happy Halloween. My kids are excited about trick-or-treat tonight: Candy, candy, candy. While I break from making finishing touches on their costumes, I am posting some of my poems and stories for Halloween.

I am the new person here at Art ~ Writing ~ Life, so it is unlikely many of you followers have read my writing. I am mostly a poet, but I have penned an occasional story. I do not claim to be a writer of the macabre, but I do touch on death and other subjects that correlate with topics akin to Allhallows Eve, which may send a few shivers down some spines.

As I said, I mostly write poetry. So, let me begin there with a poem called Tales and Secrets (Before the Tales Begin, Revisited). Just click the link to go to that page. For sake of time and space, I am linking all my contributions.

Next are
The Haunting
Cobbled Country Lane
Nightfall (Old Poems Revised)
War (Eleventh Hour Ebullience, Revisited)

I write a lot about death. I wrote this poem about a very close and dear friend.
Death Of a Poet

I have written lots of erotica too. This is a naughty poem-type story about a girl and a vampire.
The Vampire and the Girl

Next is a dark story based on a girl I knew who committed suicide. I received some hate mail from readers after I posted it at my old blog. Many of them did not like my references to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
Devil Music

Here is another story based on real-life events. This one and the revised one that follows deal with crazy people and arson.
I changed the story a little bit and retitled it a few years later. I am unsure if either is better than the other one, but the second one is shorter and to the point. I like both.
The Provider

Finally, I saved my favorite story for last: Bones In the Sand.
Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Happy Halloween. Whether you are in it for the tricks or the treats or the scares, have a safe and fun one.

I hope to post again during Thanksgiving. Until then, peace and love be with you always.

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