Another New Look


I gave my Art ~ Writing ~ Life blog a new look again. It’s what I do when my blog looks cluttered and I’m at a standstill with whatever writing or art project I have going on at the time.

I gave fellow blogger Lola her own space here. Having another artist and writer on board offers styles different from mine. Lola is primarily a poet. I rarely write poetry, but I enjoy reading it. And I like how fresh she writes.

Like me, she struggles with finding time to blog often. “Life got busier [the past year] and I grew weary trying to keep up a blog,” she wrote to me. “Blogging and keeping it fresh and interesting [are] huge responsibilities. When I don’t invariably post new and exciting content to it, I feel guilty of letting down my followers.”

I know that feeling very well.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of material sitting in the archives for you new followers of this blog. It’s a feature that goes unnoticed because of WordPress’s push at shoving new material at us. Their Reader page with its constant updates is the first thing we see when we log into our accounts. It’s a shame they don’t have a better feature for our archives other than a search bar. But I’m glad to have the old search tool because I love reading and looking at gems from the past.

But don’t take my word for it. Start digging around at your favorite blog and see for yourself.

6 comments on “Another New Look”

  1. I synched all my devices so I can post by phone and tablet, etc. Now I need to find time to write new poetry. Do you have any to spare? 😁 😬 😵

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    1. Yes my first few months nothing was seen. I’ve tried the menu option and I maxed it out…so that is probably what I will do… I with you though. I hope they make a better feature on the reader.


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