Photography by Lola Gentry-Dey. All rights reserved.

Is photography art? If so, when does a photograph become art? And who decides?

Is it when we want a photograph framed and hanging in our homes that it becomes art?

I’m considering adding some of my photography to this blog. But I’m undecided on whether to add it under my Art heading or give it its own heading.

I’m not a professional photographer. I take snapshots of things I like. I don’t define my photographs as art, but many friends and family members do.

I believe skilled craftsmanship is the defining element of art. Art turns the ordinary into something extraordinary… something people want framed and hanging in their homes. I don’t consider any of my photographs extraordinary. The elements in my photography are timing and good luck.

If my photographs are to be called anything, I think the right word is “interesting.” Nothing more.

But friends and family disagree and tell me I’m too hard on myself. So with that in mind, photography as art, I suppose, dwells with all things art: in the eye of the beholder. Which returns us to my dilemma: What do I list it as? Art? Photography? Or just plain Pics?.


The photograph above of an American Bald Eagle sitting in a tree in my backyard is a “right place, right time” lucky snapshot that I really like looking at. So much, in fact, that I’m thinking about framing it for my office. Maybe when I do, I’ll have figured out where it belongs here.







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