Vree’s Journal Entry 4

Leonard “Lenny” Stevens is my best friend Zoey’s big brother. He’s a handsome boy, with dreamy dark brown (chocolate) eyes and thick, burnt sienna hair. He stands around 5’ 7” tall and weighs 125-130 pounds. He is older—15, born July 5, a day that he and his family know also as “Margga’s Curse” because of a witch’s spirit that killed his great-grandparents on that day a long time ago.


Lenny works helping my maternal grandfather Jack Lybrook do yard work and odd jobs at my house. The house used to belong to a bad—as in evil with a capital E—witch named Margga (marj-guh’) Dekownik, who inherited it from her father, Ludwik Dekownik.

About Margga Dekownik

According to Lenny, his paternal great-grandfather, Reginald Myers, and Ludwick were neighbors on Myers Ridge and best friends. They hunted together until Reginald accidentally shot and killed Ludwick on July 5 while hunting in the woods behind the 2 houses. Ludwick’s only daughter Margga Dekownik was a self-proclaimed witch who swore vengeance for her father’s death. She conjured magic that killed Reginald and his wife Kate and spellbound their ghosts to Myers Ridge. I met both ghosts after my release from the hospital.

The Fifth Council House of Magic sentenced Margga to a 1,000-year incarceration, but she escaped, stole a valuable spell book from the Council, and used a powerful spell from its pages to create a plague that drained 90% of magic from all creatures within a thousand-mile radius of Myers Ridge—including members of the Council. A protection spell she put on herself saved her from the plague. The Council called on other councils and obtained enough magic to capture her. They stripped her of her protection spell and added to her incarceration, but were unable to lift the spell on Lenny’s great-grandparents. She was killed during another escape attempt. The powers of spirit law bound her spirit to serve imprisonment in Yalendora (a deep, underground abyss reserved for evildoers, similar to the underworld Hades in Greek mythology) for 2,000 years.

Meanwhile, Reginald and Kate Myers’s daughter sold the house and moved from Myers Ridge. The Council left too and never recovered the spell book Margga hid inside her father’s house. I found the book after my release from the hospital and was able to read some of the spells. One of the spells released Margga’s spirit from her imprisonment.

The dusty black spell book is actually an old, oversized log book that has no title on its hard leather cover. Its pages are askew and filled with numbers and strange figures, like secret code, which are predictions written as poems, spells written as songs, and some strange recipes that I’m sure no one would want to eat. I’m the only one who can read the book, when it reveals itself to me. When it doesn’t, the pages are riddled with numbers and strange figures. Having the book has been a blessing and a curse.

Speaking of curses, Margga revived hers and tried to kill Lenny and Zoey but I stopped her. She attacked me and tried to kill me for my psychic abilities. I had no choice but to defend myself and strike back. I destroyed her spirit and saved Lenny and his family from suffering her curse any longer.

Some of My Psychic Powers

Lightning struck me and, IMHO, unlocked strong psychic abilities in me. I believe everyone has degrees of psychic powers in them, but some people are more “gifted” (or cursed) than others, the same way some of us are naturally inclined towards music or mathematics, for example. The lightning changed me and made me aware of these abilities in me.

  • When Daddy came to me during my coma, he told me I was in a coma. I believe my “astral body” separated itself from my physical body, allowing me to travel out-of-body to meet with his spirit in the astral plane. This is called Astral or Mental Projection.
  • Though Precognition or Premonition is described as perceiving events in flashes of detailed insight before they happen, I hear buzzing sounds before strange events happen.
  • Retrocognition or Post-Cognition is the ability to see past events. I can do this only when I touch people. It isn’t something I do purposely … it just happens.

Psychic abilities are also known as extrasensory perception (ESP) and sixth sense. There are many kinds and I am slowly discovering and developing new ones.

But when I fought Marrga Dekownik’s spirit, I knew little about psychic phenomena, so I questioned my sanity a lot during that time.

I See Ghosts and Spirits

Mediumship or Channeling is the ability to see and talk to ghosts and spirits. My first experience was when I was in a coma and saw and spoke to my father’s spirit. Some people who study psychic phenomena say this was a precognitive dream. I disagree. But it was no dream when I saw Daddy’s spirit again in my bedroom after I came home from the hospital; I was wide awake.

The difference between ghosts and spirits is who is stuck on Earth and who has crossed the astral plane. Ghosts are stuck here for whatever reason, and spirits have left our earthly plane and travel the spirit world. Some spirits return to Earth from time to time, but not often because it’s a difficult process.

Having ghosts and spirits pop in and out is something I cannot control. And I cannot beckon them to appear. I always thought channeling was done on purpose by psychics to earn money from customers who wished to speak to their dearly departed. This isn’t so … in my case anyway. It’s unnerving when they appear unannounced. And it creeps me out every time.

Journal Entry 5


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