My 31-Day Art Challenge

The month of July has been a personal appreciation of art. At the beginning of the month, I challenged myself to make one piece of art or create an artistic photograph for each day of the month. By a stroke of good luck, I accomplished that challenge, though I didn’t post every piece of art I made.

Overall, it was a fun and rewarding challenge for me because I love making art and I learned some things along the way. Not every piece I drew or painted or photographed turned out as well as I wanted, but that’s the struggle of every artist.

I have a video of all 31 days of the challenge at YouTube [] where you can see the art I did for each day. Most are finished pieces, but a few are not and look like sketches. I have an underwater painting I did on day 26 that was supposed to have tropical fish and coral in it but a medical emergency kept that one a sketch. (Everyone’s fine, by the way.)

For my final piece, I really love this watercolor painting. I started it two weeks ago and finished it at 12:30 last night. Technically that dates it at 7/31—today’s date—and wraps up the challenge. I like that this painting looks painterly and not drawn with the brush. And I love how the horse and rider look like abstract shapes that come together and form realism.

This 31-day challenge was both fun and exhausting. I am so ready to get back to relaxing and writing poetry. I’ll keep drawing and painting, but at a leisurely pace.



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