Abstract Boat Art

Let’s talk about manipulating digital images. That’s a real thorn for photography purists who hate even macro photography. But I don’t think there are any of those dinosaurs still around. I think every old photographer alive today has digitized their stock photos and then manipulated the hell out of them in Photoshop or other image-editing software just to discover something new in their work. That’s the artist in us. And my artist loves manipulating her photos.

I suck horribly at Photoshop. But that doesn’t mean I’ve always been unsuccessful with it. Sometimes I create something new and spectacular enough that I want to frame it and hang it with my other photography. And sometimes all that playing and being creative makes me break out my paints and brushes and spend time painting.

I find nothing wrong manipulating my photographs. It’s fun. And it’s something I can do with my children… even the youngest, who likes slapping the keyboard and has created some interesting art that way. After all, if it isn’t fun, why do it?

Following are 5 photographs of a boat. The first one is the original, followed by 4 manipulated images. The last photograph is the one I chose to frame for my office. My signature was laid in with a special marker made for writing and drawing on fabric.

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