To Tweet, or Not

I am considering taking part in the Twitterverse, a micro social world that a close friend tells me is filled with narcissism and is top on her list of websites dumbing down society.

Setting her personal feelings aside, I have noticed here at WordPress and at Facebook that many artists and writers I follow are Twitter members. Therefore, I see joining Twitter as a good personal venture for two reasons: 1) I can follow artists and writers I like—the ones who pass along interesting information about the arts, and 2) I can keep my readers up-to-date with brief progress reports about my books projects.

Still, I have reservations. The above reasons for joining Twitter are the ones I had when I joined Google+. But G+ fell short of supplying me with valuable information from other artists and writers. Plus, its format is too similar to Facebook’s, filled with irrelevant feeds from family and friends. Wading through it all is often too time-consuming, taking away from my busy schedule.

Overall, I think I have sold myself on the idea that it is possible to “tweet” at Twitter in such a way that the “pro’s” outweigh the “cons.” All the same, I would love to hear your input before I take the Twitter plunge.