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Yesterday I wrote about creating characters, putting them on the story stage, and watching them act. In that post, I included a watercolor sketch of my current main character, Vree Erickson. Today, I drew a different sketch of her with a pair of HB and 2B pencils. While I drew, I studied her facial features and concentrated on her eyes. I zoomed in on her face in the attachment so you can see detail better. There’s a bit of uncertainty and fear there. But there is also dauntlessness on that face, which makes me know that despite the odds against her, she was the right choice to battle Margga in my Night of the Hellhounds e-novel (available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble).


7 thoughts on “My New Heroine Sketch

  1. You really captured something intriguing in your heroine. I enjoyed looking through your blog and look forward t reading more of your posts. ~Rita


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you Rita. My heroine has been almost taking on a life of her own beyond the art and written word. 🙂

      As you likely noticed, my blog is a mix of art and writing … and an occasional observation about life, so you never know what to expect from me. I have followers who like my art better than my writing, and vice versa. But I love doing both.

      I’ve been enjoying your landscape paintings. Excellent work – love the colors.

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    2. Thanks so much Steven! I am looking forward to following your blog. Your passion for what you do shines through both your art and your writing. ~Rita


  2. Good Afternoon Steven. Nice piece. I am writing to thank you for following my blog. As you indicated somehow we became disconnected, but I am glad you noticed this and reconnected. I appreciate the follow and will continue to visit and read your intriguing stories. Be well, Ayanna


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you, Ayanna. Somehow, I was disconnected from several blogs I used to follow. Since I did not unfollow these blogs, I assume it was a glitch on WordPress’s end. I reconnected and am glad; it’s nice to be reading these wonderful blogs again.

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  3. Fantastic sketch, sir! Really one of your best. And she sure looks like someone I’d want to root for– especially if her opponent was a hellhound!! Really excellent work– bravo!

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    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you. She did well against Margga the witch spirit (or spirit witch, not sure which comes first), though luck played heavily in her favor. Now she’s ambling, searching for an identity without a father, and wanting evil to not be real.

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