I Need KISSed

As a busy working wife and mom, I have little time to spend at social websites. When I was single with lots of “me time”, Facebook and places like it were convenient ways to stay abreast of the daily happenings of my family and friends. But after a while, it became a chore fitting my social sites into my schedule.

No more. The Internet hogs too much of my time making me bounce from one site to the other: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, my email account—the list goes on! I need fast, in a flash, ONE website to log in where I can blog, post pics and recipes, talk to my family, order clothes, read an ebook or emag, take a class at an eschool, read my email, and order takeout at the restaurant down the street, all without logging my IDs and passwords into different websites. Call it a central hub, if you will, but I need it. Call it convenience—that’s what I need in my busy life. Call it impossible—maybe. But until it happens, I’m doing all I can to KISSing: Keeping It Simple, Stupid. And until the Internet can KISS me as well, I’m spending less time at social sites and making no apologies.

The Internet is a time hog. And until it’s streamlined for my taste, I’ll keep dreaming of better days.

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