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My last post was March 11, during which I have been busy writing my next e-book. Currently untitled, the book will feature Vree Erickson and the cast from her first book, Night of the Hellhounds. Although her stories are considered YA, or teen literature, I aim my books for a general audience that includes adult readers. I write what I like to read, and that keeps me excited while I write.

While my current book project is nearing publication (I finished the first draft today), it will sit for a month or three before I edit. So hang in there everyone.

In the meantime, I hope to face-lift my WordPress website’s appearance so it represents me well. As both a visual artist and a writer, I could have different “homes” for my passions. But I like the idea of having one website, thus keeping what I do easily accessible.

4 thoughts on “Facelifts

  1. hey all d best for ur book. Im also working on a novel and im struggling and guess gotta be more disciplined.


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you.
      Although it has become a cliche, the adage that discipline in anything takes a lot of work is so true. I still work hard at maintaining discipline, but sometimes it becomes too easy to stop working hard.
      Good luck with your novel.


    2. thanks Steven and taking a cue 🙂


  2. Well, I hope you put the hellhounds in the closet and watch a baseball game occasionally. You know what they say: all horror and no close plays at the plate make Steven an exhausted author… 🙂


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