Second Kindle Book

Soon after I published Night of the Hellhounds (my first e-book, which features teenager Lenny Stevens and his friends) to Amazon’s Kindle, I received emails from some young customers wanting me to publish another story. I aimed for a February release and began working on a Vree Erickson story that had sat on the rewrite table in my writing room for many years. After several fixes and five days of editing and plot rewrites, I sent it to my main beta reader who tweaked some minor errors. Then, with the cover finished, I sent the story off to Amazon.

Here it is, not a February release, but no matter: Trespassing. As before, I ask that if you buy and read it, please leave a review either at Amazon or here. Reviews that include things that did and didn’t resonate with you will help gauge my direction as a professional writer, so I would love hearing from you.

Since my family cannot leave reviews, I’m happy to report that they seem to like the story, even though it’s aimed at a young, teenage audience.