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Myers Ridge, 1971, Third Visit:

Vree Erickson, the pretty girl who lived atop Myers Ridge, became my favorite fictional person to write about during the 1971-1972 school year. It was also when my stories took a turn for the unexplained.

After our first meeting at Parker’s place, I saw her again one early November Saturday night in 1971 when I sat at my typewriter after supper and went to visit Dave. We all wore sweatshirts and jackets behind the barn at his dad’s place on Myers Ridge, and Vree had on white furry mittens that seemed to make her all the more beautiful. My heart pattered while I stared at her long dirty-blonde hair looking golden in the firelight. She and Amy sat cross-legged on the other side of the fire, whispering and giggling. When Amy saw me, she patted her sleeping bag and told me to sit next to her. I did, sandwiching myself between the two girls and snuggling under Amy’s blue blanket, which she draped over our shoulders. I quickly warmed, all the while smelling hot dogs and wood smoke and perfume that smelled like oranges.

The final result was a short story called Night of the Hell Hounds. I changed the lead to Lenny Stevens and wrote myself out of the story. You can read it here. The link takes you to the first chapter of the story, which kicks off a book called The Green Crystal Stories. More chapters follow, so look for the arrows at the bottom of each page and click on NEXT. And please drop me a line and let me know if you like it. Or let me know if you don’t like it. Either way, I love feedback and meeting my readers, so don’t be a stranger.

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