Left and Right

(From 2007.)

It is a beautiful August day, 2007. I wonder where I shall be in 5 years, or 10, 20. I can only imagine. Will I still work in finance? Or give it up to be a full-time writer? Or artist?

During lunch yesterday, a coworker and I talked about painting. Art is one of my favorite passions because of its freedom of inventiveness. I deal daily with savings and investments at my bank job, so I have to be a strong and logical thinker, one who sees things in a straight line. Science says this is the left hemisphere of my brain at work. That’s why when I get home, my creative muse on the right side is banging on her cage to be let out and put to work creating.

I stopped at an art store after work and bought some watercolor paints, paper and brushes for my muse. The handsome, hot-bod sales clerk at the store said watercolors are the most difficult and unforgiving paints to use. My uncreative side interrupted my purchase to remind me that the account project was due first thing in the morning, so I didn’t have time to spend it learning difficult art skills.

I ignored her logical reasoning and turned up my car’s radio the rest of the way home so I didn’t have to listen to Ms. Uncreative scold me. She doesn’t like it, but Right Brain is the favorite side of my brain. She’s the one who never forgets a face. And she notices shape and texture and color differences Left Brain cannot distinguish. Right makes me the creative person I am and I love her for that. She sees the whole picture and is good at recognizing people’s traits, too. She has saved me from bad dates after Left insisted that the guys were fine.

Last night my creative muse and I slopped and made messes and had a wonderful time. I had so much fun that I ignored Left Brain and didn’t clean up when Right pulled me into writing poetry, playing guitar, singing, and even dancing to The Twist on the radio.

My mother called at 9 o’clock to see how I was doing and to say goodnight. Left Brain loved the interruption. But Right felt cheated from losing that last hour of creative time.

Before bed, I cleaned up, put away my guitar and notebook of poetry, laid out my work clothes for tomorrow, and said goodnight to my creative side, much to the satisfaction of ever dominant Left Brain. After all, she keeps me organized, prompt and employed no matter how uncreative she is. And for that, I am grateful.

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