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1982 was a time before cell phones as we know them now. Most of us were unable to afford the monstrosities at our local electronics store, so we settled for talking to friends on our CB radio in the car or waiting until we got home to use the house phone for the long distance calls. It was fairly common to see someone rushing home for an expectant important call, and it was this behavior I based the following Louie & Bruce cartoon.

"Phone Calls"

3 thoughts on “Before Cell Phones

  1. Harry says:

    Love it well done.


  2. “sometimes i have to take several baths before anyone calls” 🙂 🙂 🙂 ..BTW..he looks so much like an Indian comic character Billoo..


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      My apologies for this late reply, but I just returned from a week-long hiatus. Glad you liked the comic. I must search for Billoo, sounds like fun.


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