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I recently discovered the following Louie and Bruce strips in storage. They were drawn in June 1982 and published five years later in a local newspaper, then put away as I went on to do other things. Each strip was drawn in blue pencil on a drawing panel, then inked with quills and brushes and India ink. I can still smell the distinctive eye-watering odor of that ink when I hold a panel close to my nose.

Panel 1

I can’t take full credit for this joke. It was a running gag at the sawmill where my Louie and Bruce comic strip was born.

Panel 2

Leroy and his talking dog Ernie were occasional characters in my Louie and Bruce comics. Here, they tell a gag every farm kid knows by heart.

Panel 3

Old, but still able to make me chuckle; this is one of my favorite baseball gags.

6 thoughts on “3 Silly Louie and Bruce Panels

  1. nyparrot says:

    Some fun strips you are sharing here. I thought you might enjoy my post about Comics entering eBooks world:


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      I haven’t started reading comics on my wife’s Kindle, but I do read the morning “funnies” on my laptop. And I see myself reading them on an iPad someday soon.
      Thank you for the link to your post. Enjoyed the history. For our future, I don’t think comic strips and comic books will die, just the age of the comic book collector.


    2. nyparrot says:

      That is reassuring for the comics:-). Thank you for your kind comment!


  2. I love these…absolutely hilarious! 🙂


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you. Glad they made you laugh. 🙂


  3. Panel 3 is hilarious..his so logical thinking reminded me of calvin and hobbes


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