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Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard, Oil Painting

In small acreage on a hilly clearing,
Sunny morning shines golden on chalky-pink blossoms;
I pause and prolong my hike to watch sunbeams lick away dewdrops
Soaking in shaded greenery of an apple orchard.

Craggy, crabby branches nod jaggedly at a breeze dashing across the way;
Wasps complain from gray papery hives swaying above me;
A hummingbird pauses and peeks inside a blossom—
Perhaps she smells the jellies, pies and cider clearly on my mind.

I head away on journey once more,
Longing to return and sample ripe fruit from the trees.

© 2006

4 thoughts on “A Brief Pause in an Apple Orchard

  1. lightningpen says:

    Hi, you are a worthy recipient! Your work is truly inspirational! I love the complexities of the hummingbird grasping your thoughts, perfectly put! The imagery is very vivid! Thank you for the likes! Keep the great work coming!


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you, Lightningpen, for your likes as well.


    1. Steve Campbell says:

      Thank you, Cynthia.
      This poem and the art are some of my favorites and seemed to come not from me, but from the creating hand of nature.


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