Sun Chasers

Chikili and his family poured like ants from the backbone of life
Sky fire warmed their naked skin
And night’s cool breath sent them seeking shelter and warmth

Many moons cycled their journey while Chikili and his family chased the sun
The seed arrow led them to a river rich with food—
they ate and were joyful

A new paradise lived across the river and beckoned
regardless of the unfriendly ones there
Chikili and his family found the sun occupying the great waters
so they stayed

Yahola came from the sky and taught them how to live
When he left
a month-long darkness fell on Chikili and his family
The animals came and were welcomed—
to homes
and light—
this gathering of furry friends and teachers to the chasers of the sun

Saka! Saka!
Night’s darkness gives birth to light from fires
And all who see the sacred urn in the night light
Grow strong in the morning to chase the sun again

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