Ocean Photos 1


On this Mother’s Day, I’d like doing something different. For the next 9 weeks, I’d like sharing my favorite diving photos from 3 years ago. I was lucky enough to get a hold of some good underwater cameras. Some of them were used by professional photographers.

Each week I will post a photo with commentary. Like this one of what appears to be a Dusky Shark swimming in the Atlantic. What can I say other than all sharks rule the ocean. Though I have never had problems with Dusky sharks, I feel safer swimming with their cousins, the Tiger sharks.

Tigers, like the Sand Tiger, are the least aggressive shark. However, they have a mouthful of large teeth and will use them if someone or something pisses them off. Rule of thumb: Don’t piss off any shark.

Both the Tiger and the Dusky are related to and look similar to the dangerous Bull Shark cruising the shores of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, and even cruising up and down the Mississippi River. The Bull Shark is North America’s only freshwater shark and one of two of my least favorite sharks to swim with. The other is the infamous White Shark, a member of the fast-swimming Mackerel sharks that seem to like devouring anything they can fit in their mouths.




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