Let’s talk more about Boobs.

Ah, Boobs, those two soft fleshy glandular organs on a woman’s chest that form an eye-catching groove of separation called Cleavage!

Yes, Cleavage! Every girl should have Cleavage! Whether you’re looking to make your small breasts appear to have more Cleavage, or you want to make your large breasts provide a shapelier and natural Cleavage, choosing the right bra can help!

For tiny tits, a bra with extra padding that squeezes and pushes your Boobs together forms—OMG! Cleavage!

Most of us gals have tiny tits until we get pregnant. Then WHAM! Mother Nature fattens them up. If that hasn’t happened to you yet, wear a bra that is too big and use silicone inserts or padding that contains air, gel or water in your bra. These feel-good supports will lift and squeeze your Boobs until—OMG! Look at that Cleavage!

The boys are coming around now. But before they get here, use a little makeup between your Boobs to help add to the illusion of increased Cleavage. Gently brush a little bronzer between your Boobs, coupled with a contrasting white powder at the tops of your Boobs. Now couple that with a tight-fitting top, or one with a plunging neckline, in order to show off your newly enhanced Cleavage. Voila! You’re slutty—I mean vivacious—enough to have your picture on the cover of In Touch magazine!

Now go out there girl! And don’t forget to lean over some. But not too far! No nipple slips. Not yet. Make sure everyone has a good buzz going first. Then find some good lighting and show off that Cleavage! It’s what we girls do best, when we know how.



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