Time For Adventure

Last night, while looking at the sky on a cloudless night, the young woman saw an expanse of stars and constellations. She had seen stars before. But she had never paid attention to how many there were. The more she looked into the depth and scope of the sky, there seemed no limit to the number of brilliant, celestial objects there.

With a shiver, she felt like a child discovering something new and grand in her life.

To a child, discoveries come every day. When did she stop being a child?

She pondered why she had stopped looking to discover new things. She was an adult living a busy adult life. She had spent years developing skills and garnering diplomas and titles so she could acquire a job that allowed her to live adequately. There was no time to spend discovering something new every day. Her life did not allow it.

The life she had chosen did not allow her to live like a child exploring the world around her.

“Can’t pay the bills if I’m off exploring,” she said.

But what about grants? she pondered.

“Those are for researchers and scientists. I’m just an executive accountant.”

She poured herself a glass of wine and returned to looking at the stars. She recognized the big and little dippers, but not the other constellations.

“Need to read up on stars,” she said before retiring for the night.

And last night she dreamed adventure. She was home. She was at work. She was with friends and family at places she knew and places that were unfamiliar and unreal, especially when she visited the moon and a new bank and loan office there.

Her alarm clock took her from her dreams and she awoke feeling sad that her adventures were over.

As she stumbled from bed and past her library of books on the way to her shower, she remembered a quote attributed to the French novelist, Jean Giraudoux. “Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light.”

And in that instant, she sensed the light of last night and knew that adventures are always around her, no matter whether asleep or awake. She just needed to give them their own time in her busy life.


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