Finding Love

Again we are moved, obsessed, reaching out, entwining. Enter me, I plead. Sate me, I beg.

Below my window moonlight covers us as we climb higher; the peak is ever closer, closing in; all the right switches are being connected. We find our sweet release in each other’s arms. We come together, trying not to rush to fulfillment. Sweet passion fills me till I tremble and shake.

And in that moment I find it: Love! Love breaks in brilliant colors and strengthens my heart. Love shatters my human darkness deep within. Like a new day dawn filling the night sky, I am filled with light and warmth and the strength to fulfill my dreams and expectations.

Love is life. And life is really the moment, the now that drives my darkness away and makes me say “I love you I want you I need you forever and ever and ever!” till the moment is gone and in our return to lonely singleness we start over again.


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