Steamy Passions, 1

Our bodies stir
waking to passions in the soft moonlight
Our mouths press together—
hot wet tongues entwine
and fill us with desires yet unfulfilled

Our moans grow
Our bodies dance
I arch up
to meet that sharp sweet edge
that lives between pleasure and pain

Our cries signal the need for sweet release
But you tell me you don’t want this moment to end—
Neither do I

I lock my trembling legs to hold the moment forever
But our libido drives us on—
forward to the explosion of climax
at the top of the world

We try to hang on to the power
But the descent pulls us into the afterglow
when our exhaustion and passion and lust
mix with the wholesomeness of completion

That’s when you tell me you love me
Because that’s when we’ve reached that place of complete bliss
and delight
and peace
with each other


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