Be Wrong; Be Human

About being wrong:
Swallow it on down, you, deep down inside you.

I never implied that pride is never an embarrassing empty taste inside
We learn soon enough that the pain-lump we swallow can be rough
It shows on our faces, even while we try to hide the suffering we feel inside
Passions burn strong to find a purpose for deception

Don’t let your soul hollow for a reason to believe in the lies you have swallowed
Show your face well to all who are ashamed to look foolish
Remember to remember the bad end of a deal when you gave every part of you that you could give
Belief and good intentions don’t always win you laughter, love and comfort

To never try again is to die inside fear and fright
I give you warm space in the ice so you can grow
Swallow it up, you, deep warmth inside you
I give you again

It is only human to be wrong
Be human


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