Dissimilar Worlds (Dressing Revisited)

Sometimes I still dress in past transgressions—
I like how I look;
old styles are comfortable
in vogue color, length and brand.

But you would strip me naked;
dress me in a style that won’t embarrass you—
dress me like the Christ you wear on you
even though I’m everything you want:
my sex,
my world,
my life.

Sometimes I dress in everything you say you hate—
it makes you angry.
But I’m not you;
you cannot change who I am:
an opposing side in our dissimilar worlds.

But boy,
damn my weakness.
Your love causes me to waver when it sparks my fire
with quivering currents inside my bare wires.

I emote wholly when you flow within my soul.

I lose my foundation,
my substance and direction
till I am your arm candy lost in our dissimilar worlds.

We say “I love you” and hold on to each other,
but I slide away
weighted by emotions
and old styles
that pull me from your clutches:
the quicksand of our dissimilar worlds.


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