An Erotic Story

I’m trying to write some erotica for my Colleen Ackerman site … tell me what you think of this.

Diary: You should write for a living. OK, go ahead.

Me: Have you ever had this fantasy? You’re in a nightclub, and you see this gorgeous chick sitting up at the bar, alone. She’s wearing one of those slit skirts that have become popular lately, and she’s flashing a long length of smooth, tanned thigh in your direction. It’s dark and smoky in the bar, and the music is loud and throbbing, so no one notices as you sidle up to her and gently slide your hand through the slit. She gives you a cool look, but opens her legs invitingly. Your fingers do the walking, and as you lean over her, smiling in apparent conversation, your fingertips touch the edge of her panties. You feel wetness there and she opens her mouth with a slight gasp. She inches her head towards you, looks up at you with wide eyes, and whispers, “Get me off … now. Right here!”

Diary: Sounds like a great fantasy.

Me: Yeah. There’s more: You push aside the narrow band of fabric and she reaches a hand up to your shoulder and clutches it fiercely. Beneath her hand, your shoulder muscles move with the actions of your fingers. She arches her torso to invite deeper penetration. Two fingers go in and pivot. She bites at your other fingers. Your bodies vibrate. She jams the fingers of your upper hand between her teeth to stop herself from screaming. Then she mates her mouth to yours in a long and passionate kiss and drenches your lower fingers. You slowly withdraw your hand from under her skirt. She reaches for it tenderly, lifts it to her lips and delicately nibbles and sucks them.

Diary: Tell me there’s more.

Me: There’s always more, even when the story is over.


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