News Update

I’m calling this a news update because it’s news about me more than anything else, so…

Hi, I’m in Hawaii, living with my mom and cousin. My cousin is a nurse. I’m recuperating from an accidental overdose of acetaminophen and alcohol. If you want, you can read about it on the internet. Just look for how poisons can cause coma. Yes, Tylenol is also a poison.

I awoke from my coma here almost 4 days ago. Something happened to my kidneys, which caused them to shut down. When that happened, it caused the coma. Luckily, I was taken to the hospital, so my kidneys were taken care of. But I remained in a coma for almost a month.

Once I was stabilized, my mom had me flown here to Hawaii while I was in my coma. I didn’t know they did that sort of thing. Seems to me that changes in air pressure could have caused brain damage, but I’m told by my doctors that that isn’t so because the pressures on the plane were constantly equalized. So the doctors here (specialists in treating coma patients) took care of me until I came around.

My head hurts a lot, my vision blurs often and I see double a lot. I have to wear sunglasses, even when I’m indoors. Bright lights hurt my eyes, so I have to limit my TV and computer time. It’s hard for me to read and write and I’ve become a slower thinker. I can tell, which is a little depressing, but it’s something time and mind exercises will heal. I have panic attacks from knowing I almost died. But overall, I’m glad to be alive.

I want my friends to know how much I miss them. I won’t be on the computer much because of my headaches and poor vision, but I want to wish every one of you a good 2008.

Please leave me messages. I will read and answer them when I’m able.

I love you guys. Thanks for being my friend.


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