Tense and horny
Silence in her bedroom but not in bed

Her hand wanders downward
Mirror watching

She hums music
Sweet songs in her head
Humming hymns and strumming chords of her favorite songs

Pressing hot

Agile hands certainly make the moment more attractive

Fingers reaching
Dirty words spoken from wet lips where there is no lipstick today

Slick wet lips raise her hips and show trembling lines of delightful tension

The mirror sees what she would never reveal in public life

Door slams somewhere far away
Footsteps fade away
No sound but her humming
Alone again

She shivers in a city where sex is performed behind closed doors

Shivers erupt into shakes
She shakes in the dark
Her body knows the hands of old musicians

She finds a new discovery and adds it to the old ones

Breasts heave
A wonderful sigh
Hips jump
Her mouth forms a perfect O
O God
O Yes
O Yes yes yes volcanic eruptions

She flies with angels where only angels fly

She flies until gravity pulls her back
Her return is a splashdown of her soul into the waters of bliss
Her bed
Her sheets
Her body born anew for everyone to see

But no one sees the babe she is
Privacy is a law that makes it so

So she sleeps alone
And dreams of the one who will come and open her door


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